Children shouldn’t be the only family members marveling on Christmas morning. Pickering’s Gin Baubles ensure that the adults’ eyes are wide and filled with marvel as they gather around the tree. The decorations are sold in packs of six. Each brightly colored orb is filled with 5cl of Pickering’s gin, which is distilled based on a Bombay recipe from 1947. The formula was passed down through generations before being launched at the Summerhall distillery in 2014. This year, get ready to relish taking the decorations off the Christmas tree as you enjoy glass after glass of smooth, refreshing liquor. The spirits exhibit traditional Bombay flavors of cardamom, coriander and clove, while displaying contemporary notes of citrus and juniper.

Such a unique idea, Pickering’s Gin Baubles have received celebrity endorsement from Amanda Holden, Lynda Lopez and Martha Stuart. These novel ornaments sold out within minutes of their release in previous years after their viral success and after selling out online, frantic shoppers made the journey to Pickering’s Gins physical location, so shop fast!