There are three types of campers: those who go to reconnect with nature, those who go to bond with friends and drink raucously, and those who go to improve their Instagram aesthetic. If you fall into either the latter two camps, then Camper Vin Chenin Blanc is providing a major improvement to your buzz and your Instagram feed.

If you, like many, have realized that your days of slap-the-bag are better off behind you, Camper Vin Chenin Blanc is here to bring new charm to your boxed wine habit. The whimsical cases feature VW Bugs, trailers with barbecue grills, and lounging women. But when it comes to wine it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and the inside is where Camping Vin really shines. The Chenin Blanc boasts notes of lemon, orange, and jasmine, but avoids evoking memories of your grandmother’s sugary perfumes by landing on a dry finish. Each case provides you with 2.25l, or three bottles worth, of crisp, bright wine. There’s no pressure to guzzle the generous amount they supply in one night, because Camping Vin will stay fresh for six weeks! So gather your buddies, pack your sleeping bags, and pitch a tent in the great outdoors. This boxed wine will double as a prop in all of your camping selfies.

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