Ancho Reyes Verde Poblano Liqueur is a limited-edition spin on the beloved brand featuring ancho chiles … but even if you’re a loyal fan of the original, you may find going green has never been more enticing. While its crimson-colored predecessor derives a smoky, caramelized flavor from dried peppers, the pickled peck(s) in Verde Poblano are harvested straight from the vine—piquant, garden-fresh flavor lasts right through the bottling. Add a splash of this beautifully chartreuse liqueur for a zestier silver margarita, or even experiment augmenting your favorite Mexican cerveza. Both versions of chile-based libation hail from a 1927 creation by the Reyes family, who incorporated their home-city staple crop into a menjurje—the Spanish roughly translates as a “handcrafted alcoholic concoction,” but in Reyes’ case, at least, it’s probably safe to also infer hints of prowess, pluck and panache in the punch.

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