“The cocktail world always goes through trends and fads, some which stick around, and some which fade back into obscurity. The one trend that won’t ever fade away is the one for incredible tasting drinks created with fantastic attention to detail in both presentation, taste and service.”

-Ben Manchester, Bar Manager at K Bar, as told to Georgia Alford in a May, 2016 interview for the Doyle Collection blog

Manchester brings this enthusiasm and meticulous attention to detail to the recently refurbished K Bar, located in the stylish and effortlessly elegant Town House at The Kensington in London. Libation inspirations spring from sources near and far, with a thirst-slaking Pisco Sour crafted with Barsol Quebranta calling to mind epic Peruvian scenery while the white rum-based “Jouanacaera” will transport you straight to the Caribbean-lapped beaches of Martinique.

With its intimate dark-paneled interior and graceful, intricate light fixtures sparkling overhead like rings of starlight, K Bar delivers on ambience. But what keeps patrons coming back is the love that goes into the craft cocktails shaken, stirred and poured with panache behind the elegant marble-topped bar. An exceptional cocktail should tell a story, and Manchester’s passion for his craft shines through in every drop.