It goes without saying that Italians love their wine – a dinner without it is unheard of. That isn’t to say that they aren’t lovers of a good spirit, too, and one of those is definitely gin. While difficult to track down in the states, if you ever find yourself in the land of wine and cheese, be sure to look out for these.


Malfy is the gin you are most likely to find at your grocery store, or better yet local Italian delicatessen. The bright and inviting bottle tells you what you’re in for – a gin with a pleasant splash of lemon and citrus notes. Add a dash of lemon to your G&T and rim the glass with some peel for an added kick of freshness.

Gin Del Professore Madame

More fruity and floral than most gins, this would probably be nicest in a sweeter cocktail with its hints of orange, cinnamon, and juniper. If you can get your hands on an elderflower tonic water than you’re really in for a treat. Mysterious, yet sophisticated, just as the label would suggest.

Gin Pilz Dry Gin

An all time Italian classic. This slightly dry, herbal gin is perfect for a traditional G&T. Throw in a basil leaf to compliment the herbal elements and you’ve got yourself a treat.


Dol Gin

This particular gin took two years to finish perfecting the aroma alone was awarded the highest score in the International Wine & Spirit Competition in London after a blind taste testing of hundreds. The bottle alone is enough to seduce you into grabbing it off the shelves.


Vallombrosa Dry Gin

Originally distilled by the monks of Vallombrosa in the local monastery, this wonderful gin takes you to the very center or Italian tradition. Carefully selected Juniper berries are picked locally, giving this Italian gem a nice kick of juniper with a sweet glaze on the palate.