You know how they say some things get better with age? Well, Nicolas Feuillatte is here to offer you a glass of their Brut Reserve and prove that in fact, age, beauty, and exceptional taste, all go hand in hand. And now, in addition to being packed with bright flavors, the Brut Reserve comes wrapped in an Indian inspired, eye catching Maharaja sleeve, busting with color and an intricate mandala pattern.

Brut Reserve is aged for at least 3 years in the Feuillatte cellars, when the minimum requirement is only 15 months! The reason for all that extra time is their commitment to supplying the world with the best champagne they can produce. The Brut is a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay and pours out of the bottle with true elegance, a pale gold color that is both brilliantly clear and elevated with delicate persistent bubbles.

The flavor of this older beauty is light, structured, and fruity. Each sip is filled with fresh white aromas of apple, pear and peach, intermingled with spicy notes of curry and turmeric. As your glass tips forward and more liquid sits on your tongue the flavors become even more expressive with the ripe fruit notes bursting through.

Clean, elegant, (and definitely best dressed!) this Brut is everything you could want in champagne. and after 3 long years of fermentation, it’s well worth the wait!

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