Ever picture yourself sipping wine with a scenic view on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean on a warm afternoon in, say, Greece? Well, I’m not here to tell you that’s going to happen, but sipping on bairaktaris monolithos could give you a little sip of paradise!

The grapes from this eloquently tasting wine are made in the soil from part of a mountainous rock in Peloponnese, Greece that shattered to pieces and disrupted the region surrounding it. The soil in return improved from this earthquake-like shatter significantly by protecting it from the cold winters and protecting the water retention in the summer. Hence the uniqueness of the natural process that goes into creating these grapes that make this Monolithos red wine.

Monolithos is bright in color and fresh in taste. You’ll smell notes of raspberry and black cherry and taste its fruity medium-full body after swallowing. This wine is not for oaky lovers, as this fine wine didn’t go through any oak treatment. Try it with grilled pork, yellow cheese, or alone after a long day of work.

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