Grand Vintage 2009 has been proudly unveiled by Moët & Chandon – it is the latest example of the brand’s winemaking excellence and savoir-faire. The Mason’s 73rd vintage comes in Blanc and Rosé and is the creation of revered Chef de Cave, Benoît Gouez. The vintage has been carefully crafted to epitomize a most remarkable year in wine and through Gouez’s expertise it is defining its own unique, charismatic style. Unlike Moët’s signature non-vintage Champagne – Impérial – which is blended from over 100 wines from different years’ harvests, this latest Grand Vintage is harvested from the grapes of only 2009.

The vintage, which has been maturing in Moët’s cellars for the past seven years (four more than the legal requirement for vintage champagnes), is a reflection of the labor of passion, patience and impeccable attention to detail. What results is an exceptionally accomplished and fulfilled champagne with a complex, sophisticated palate. In the Grand Vintage, Pinot Noir takes spotlight, followed by Chardonnay and Minor Meunier, and affects the taste with honey, mild spices and a hint of pink grapefruit. The Grand Vintage rosé is described as delectable with an airy elegance and soft gentle finish. Both have been available from September of this year and can be purchased in stores or through assorted independent retailers. Clink Clink.

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