George Remus, the man behind the Prohibition loophole, found a way to craft bourbon for “medicinal purposes.” With his vision and creation, he started and grew his Prohibition empire. Bourbon this good would not stay a secret without the help of his trusted workers who were required to respect a mash bill to his exact specifications and keep the secret.

A tribute to George Remus, this bourbon was released November 13, 2017, dedicated to Remus’s birthday. To celebrate December 5th, Repeal Day, also known as the day the Prohibition ended, Remus Repeal Reserve Bourbon is one of the best releases to date. Crafted in a historic, 170 year-old distillery in Indiana, this sweet high rye proves that liquor improves with age. The maturity and sophistication of this bourbon is pulled through the barrels emphasizing the sweet notes of vanilla, spicy rye, fruity raisin, and caramelized toffee flavors. All these different components compliment each other to create smooth sipping bourbon. Taste Remus Repeal Reserve from November 13th at events leading up to December 5th.