Whisky, vodka, chardonnay, or an ale – what savoring beverage do you typically go for when that indulgent moment hits? These are classic choices, and you can’t go wrong with any. But have you ever tried Akevitt? This Norwegian-crafted spirit has been produced since the 15th century with the help of life’s most natural herbs and spices, giving a deliciously clean taste to mix with nearly any beverage.

OSLO HÅNDVERKSDESTILLERI’s (OHD), Akevitt Blank is the product of locally sourced and natural botanicals, infused with ingredients such as Caraway, Juniper, Heather flower, Angelica root, Chamomile flower and St. John’s wort. Sounds deliciously fresh and pure, right? Those elements together help create a sweet, herbal taste with a long peppery finish.

Strong versatility in regards to mixing was the inspiration behind the creation of Akevitt Blank. Due to the dominant caraway taste, with a forward note of juniper, this spirit has a wide adaptability range with various cocktails, especially for those that call for gin. Even though it was made with cocktails in mind, Akevitt Blank can also be enjoyed neat, which adds even more depth to its versatile style.