Brisk temperatures build community, and there is no better way to foster those friendships than gathering around the kitchen table for a drink. Pop off the cap of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout and be enticed by the oak-colored foam rushing to the top of the bottle. You’ll be subdued by the smoky scent of charred wood, coco, maple and vanilla. One sip will develop the notes further, adding complex layers of barley and malt. Be mindful of the flavors dancing on your pallet and savor the bottle, because this coveted porter is a limited-edition release. Luckily, at 14.7% alcohol, one bottle makes for the perfect nightcap.

Goose Island Brewery was founded in 1995, doubling in size over the next 20 years. Nowadays the packaging line bottles 500 cases every hour. The brewery is exceptionally precise, keeping their product at 38 degrees until the moment they ship. The precision and care that Goose Island puts into their beers can be tasted with every sip.