Typically, Irish Whiskey doesn’t stir up images of the west coast, Napa Valley, or the California beaches. But the creative team behind Spot Whiskey is looking to change that. Their Green Spot Chateau Montelena is the first of its kind, a Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey finished in French Oak Zinfandel casks made in the Napa Valley. While you might be thinking California and Ireland have as much in common as apples and oranges, or wine and whiskey, this is a wild pairing that comes with a delicious payoff.

This is the second in a series of Green Spot whiskeys to be finished in wine casks. The Green Spot Chateau Montelena ages in American Bourbon and sherry barrels before being married with the Zinfandel flavors. On the nose, this whiskey has all the classic flavor profiles that Green Spot offers, with crisp apples and juicy pears, along with the traditional oak flavors of vanilla and white chocolate, but the addition of the wine cask adds a unique mix of pomegranate, cranberries and maraschino cherries. The taste is a cornucopia of flavors, layering pot still spices with citrus notes and finishing with sweet orchard fruits and red berries. Starting with a classic flavor, but giving it a unique fresh finish; whiskey and wine coming together in perfect synchronization.

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