You’ve been planning this soiree for a month. You’ve perfected the decorations and the courses, and wine connoisseur that you are, you have paired each course with the complimentary bottle. Alas! With 24 hours until you get to show off the skills you’ve learned from bingeing cooking shows on Netflix, the texts start pouring in! You find out one of your guests has quit drinking, one is dieting, and the other just found out she is expecting! You’re suddenly faced with a predicament; how do you serve beverages that highlight the subtle notes you have chosen for your dinner menu whilst respecting the needs of your guests?

Eisberg’s Sparkling Blanc and Sparkling Rosé are new non-alcoholic wines that vastly exceed the sober celebration choices of years past. Eisberg creates their wines using the same process that they would for an alcoholic wine, only removing the alcohol once the flavors of the wine have already flourished. The Sparkling Blanc exhibits notes of citrus and peach, and a bubbly glass of this fruity champagne clocks in at only 33 calories! The Rosé has a more sophisticated taste, with a palette of strawberries and cherries. With only a third of the calories of traditional champagne and costing less than most, switching to Eisberg will slim your waist and fatten your wallet!