The London Essence Company began building their legend in 1896, always focusing on the mission of being “the essence of sociability”. The company was revamped by WiseHead Productions when they discovered the original company in historic archives. Even though over 120 years have passed, The London Essence Company still strives to deliver the same high-quality products that the founders set out to create. They consult with local bartenders and then make their ideas come to life by using distillation techniques to produce the perfect mixers for mixing complex, fruity cocktails.

Their newly launched sodas remain low in calories (only 20 per bottle) because they are naturally flavored with botanicals, while remaining subtle enough for the high-quality liquors you mix them with to remain the focal point. These delicate sodas are not created to mask low-quality vodka. Two new flavors are being released, so this is the perfect time to try out the line! Grapefruit and Lemon Verbena is a tangy calibration that will dance on your tongue, while Rhubarb and Cardamom will warm you up with an artisanal combination of earthy and sugary notes. These vegan drinks are delectable enough to be served on their own; either straight from the bottle or in a glass with garnished with fruit.

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