There’s a couple of regions around the globe that have really conquered Pinot Noir and New Zealand is indisputably one of those. It’s funny what a little perseverance does; and from their ragged tin shed in 1974, Bill and Ross Spence began to change the very foundation of wine in not just Marlborough, but New Zealand. See, they realized that Pinot Noir adapted exceptionally well to the well-drained alluvial soils of Marlborough and it’s unique climate. With the perfect amount of sunshine each day balanced out by cool evenings they struck Pinot Noir gold and have been developing a killer selection ever since.

Matua have mastered the perfect balance of fruit-forward freshness with a kiss of dry spice, a staple trait of the Marlborough Pinot Noir.  You can expect generous aromas of freshly picked strawberries and red with a little ripe plum thrown into the mix. When taking a sip it’s the  soft redcurrants, strawberries and cherries that jump out, brought together by a subtle spice, light tobacco and soothing dry earth. A touch of oak gives just enough complexity to enhance the flavors of this incredible wine.

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