Some things pair really well – peanut butter and jelly, hot wings and celery, cheese and ham – and the same goes for white wine and seafood. Eugene Sokolovski brings to you Citrus Baked Salmon with Capers and Homemade Pickles recipe, a two-part meal, both of which are equally delicious, easy to make and go perfectly with Matua Sauvignon Blanc.

In order to divulge in this meal as it was meant to be, prepare the pickles first a couple of days before you plan to feast as the vegetables will take 3-5 days to absorb the liquid and reach the desired taste. Once your pickles are ready, prepare the fish by marinating it in the necessary blended ingredients and then baking it for less than 10 minutes. The citrusy, vibrant dish that has hints of honey and spice will be perfectly complimented by the Sauvignon Blanc with its notes of lemon curd, honeydew and white nectarine. The cool climate wine and the lightness of the salmon will remind you of a breezy summer day and if you close your eyes, you might even hear the ocean waves.

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