Every now and then a winery comes along and completely innovates the industry, creating new processes, new technologies and ultimately helping everyday wine lovers become more comfortable with their favorite tipple.

It was this way of thinking that resulted in Matua announcing their latest innovation, the chill check thermal label. All too often do people ruin a good white wine by having it too warm, or more often than not, too cold (yes, it’s possible to over-chill wine).

Matua’s ‘Chill Check’ allows a wine lover to identify when their tipple is at its perfect drinking temperature, which typically takes around 45 minutes in a standard fridge. As soon as the bright snowflake appears and darkens out the Matua Ta Moko (Matua’s unique symbol) on the label, you’re good to go.

As Greg Rowdon, Matua’s Chief Winemaker put it “The Matua Chill Check label is all about enhancing the freshness and drinkability of a wine. We wanted to make it simple for people to recognize the best temperature to enjoy their wine, without having to read a confusing table or chart”.

Matua Chill Check labels will launch across the USA from July 2017, allowing you to enjoy your favorites wines, as they should be. Crisp, refreshing, with a punch of freshness with vibrant fruity and tropical flavors.

There’s only one thing left to say; grab your glass and #GetReadyToChill.

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