There’s no need to send the spooks and ghouls away just yet. Why stop the party on Halloween? Keep the spirits up and about and the party going with el Jimador’s Day of the Dead Tequila. Each bottle features the distinctive art of David Lozeaz and comes complete with its very own undead mariachi player and his adoring sweetheart, transporting the drinker straight to the heart of the parades in Mexico. These limited edition bottles bring the fiesta of Dia De los Mertos right into your glass with vibrant colors and bold, robust flavor.

And they aren’t just dressing up the bottle to skimp on taste. El Jimador isn’t adding any artificial ingredients or colors. Each tequila, the Respado and the Blanco, uses 100% blue Weber agave tequila which leads way to bold citrus flavor finishing with warm expressions. The light gold Respado, comes in the gold limited edition bottle and is aged in oak for a two-month period leaving it peppery and rich with a note of cinnamon. While the Blanco, dressed in blue for this occasion, is bottled right after distillation, giving it that classic tequila taste. So pour one out with el Jimador tequila and raise a glass for friends and family, living, dead, and undead.

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