In an old glue factory on Bow Wharf, East London Liquor Company opened its doors. In this abandoned industrial space, East London Liquor Company is revitalizing the spirits industry of historic London’s east end by crafting innovative spirits that take notes from the spirits created here over 100 years ago. Their line of alcohol includes vodka, whisky, rum and, of course the libation no London distillery would be complete without: gin. East London Liquor Company currently has three batches of gin in their range including a classic London Dry and two special batches, aptly named Batch No. 1 and Batch No. 2. The premium Batch No. 1 creates a uniquely British twist on the classic gin profile. Adding Darjeeling tea and cassia bark to the gin Batch No. 1 creates a fresh offering that shows off the tea’s flavor with a balanced, slightly dry taste. This special batch clocks in at 45% abv and will surely please even the pickiest of palates.