Wood’s is a family-run business out of central Vermont producing the state’s only bourbon-barrel-aged maple syrup. And they’re not just using any old barrels. The company sources their oak from New York’s award-winning Hudson Whiskey. One of the unique features of Hudson is the smaller casks they use for maturation, which impart more tannin-rich flavors from the virgin wood into the aging spirit. After the barrels have been used, those bourbon-y vanilla, cinnamon, and corn notes coalesce into the syrup, which rests for up to a year in the wood. The resulting liquid is beyond compare. Evoking all the elements of the booze but without the heat, its a perfect marriage between the lovable sweet notes of maple sap and the nostalgic corn and wheat nose of a solid bourbon whiskey. It will surely not only elevate your morning pancakes to unimaginable heights, but also mix effortlessly with white spirits: An indispensable addition to any kitchen cabinet.