Are you looking for that new, beyond smoothness tequila? Casa Herradura launched its latest product, Herradura ULTRA, in the United States. You know it’s good when you have one of Mexico’s most historic and renowned tequila producers who have been hand harvesting, producing, and estate bottling since 1870 crafting your drink. All their premium 100% agave tequila is produced using traditional production methods such as the most mature blue agave, clay ovens, and fermenting everything naturally with wild yeast.


To create Herradura ULTRA, Casa Herradura used their Añejo tequila—a dark amber tequila with flavors of cooked agave, toasted oak, and dried fruit—as a base then blended with premium extra Añejo that has been aged for up to 49 months in American Oak barrels and a pinch of agave nectar—just enough for a subtle flavor. The concoction is then filtered creating a rich, crystal-clear tequila with that deeply loved full-bodied flavor and ultra-smooth taste. This platinum colored tequila is best enjoyed poured over and stirred with ice. You’ll note the touches of cooked agave alongside caramel, vanilla, wood, honey, dried fruits, and toasted almond hints. Find this luxurious tequila at on-premise accounts in select markets including CA, FL, GA, NV, and TX.