Premium drinks brand Sierra sells its tequila as the “king of the night” and promises to take drinkers to “extraordinary places.” With its Milenario range of tequilas, you’ll experience the wonders of Mexico’s Jalisco region without packing your bags.

This Sierra Milenario Blanco tequila is made from 100% premium blue agave, triple distilled for a crisp and clean taste. It’s beautiful and bright like a Mexican sunrise, and can be enjoyed by itself or as the perfect base to a tasty cocktail.

You’ll be carried away by its hint of light spice, fruitiness, and black pepper. This amazing flavor is not a foreign custom for the Sierra brand, which produces tequila with great precision and care. As part of Sierra’s production process, farmers handpick baby agaves from fields untouched by artificial fertilizers. Sierra’s commitment to making a better tequila brings new meaning to the “clean” taste in your glass.

Put this tequila on your shelf. Keep the passport in the drawer.