Now here is a unique piece of beauty designed for the creative wine connoisseur. This Inbottiglia carafe, with its wine glass within, evokes the fascination reminiscent of a child discovering a ship in a bottle. This carafe transforms the same impossible bottle principle into a piece of art worthy of adult admiration. Why? It’s elegant and it’s serving a gorgeous Bordeaux that you’ve been dying to unleash.

In addition to its function as a beautiful centerpiece for serving wine to your book club friends or loved ones, the carafe is a great decanter. Its design encourages aeration to your wine, so that you can taste the full bouquet of your red vintages.

Practically, it’s great too. The carafe is dishwasher safe, and is easy to store in the fridge. So go ahead and unleash your inner imagination. The only difference in this carafe from the classic ship in a bottle is that you no longer ask “how did they do it,” but “how did this wine become so amazing?”