For the first time ever, the world famous French wine aperitif company Lillet is teaming up with designer Malia Mills to bring a whole new line of swimwear to the masses in a retail release. If you are saying that you’ve heard this before, you are correct, as Malia and Lillet paired up last year for the Summer Style Series. But now you can actually purchase the whole line of swimwear at any Malia Mills store from June 15th to September 15th.

Lillet wants to showcase their summer cocktail, the Lillet Spritz, while Malia Mills is pairing the perfect swim suits to go along with it, making this combo a celebration of all aperitif occasions for the summer. The Lillet Spritz can be made by combining Lillet Blanc or Lillet Rosé with either club soda or tonic water. Easy to make, and easy to drink. Additionally, Lillet and Malia Mills want to make it easy for you to feel good about this partnership. That’s because Lillet has made a donation to Course of Trade, a non-profit organization founded by Malia Mills production director Libby Mattern, and every in store purchase of the Summer Style collection will donate ten percent of the sales to Course of Trade. Even better, if you purchase the Lillet Course of Trade First One-Hundred Bag from this collection, almost half of the proceeds go directly to helping trainees to learn to sew as a paid student of Course of Trade. Each and every bag is embroidered with two original pins. One a signature and unique pin representing Lillet and the other, a “Hell Yes” Malia Mills trademark pin.

While this is all for a great cause, the donations are only made through in store purchases. So if you live in New York, Texas, or California, you can make the purchases and a portion of your money will go towards Course of Trade. On top of that, pricing on all of the swimwear is on the high end side, with the cheapest dress being the Nisa at $345, which makes sense when looking at the store locations, especially the Hamptons. Meanwhile, the bag is some-what affordable for $75, making it the best option for anyone that wants to give back to charity. The Lillet donation to Course of Trade earlier this year also eliminates sales and the need for consumers to buy Lillet in order to feel like they are giving back.

If you have the money to spend on designer swim suits and live near a Malia Mills store, then more power to you and make these purchases along with a bottle of Lillet. Malia is empowering women and making clothing for women of all shapes and sizes, as her slogan is “love thy differences”, which is something we can all get behind. But if you are looking for something more affordable that still gives back, there are plenty of other easily searchable options online, like Sudara where every purchase creates jobs for women in India and keeps them remaining free from sex slavery, where you can still feel good about making purchases from.

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