Gabe, your favorite barista at your neighborhood espresso enclave, knows precisely how to froth your latte. He’s tattooed, fit, and attractive as well, so if you could fit him in your pocket and carry him with you to work and social events you’d certainly be happy to try. An (imminently pocket-able) can of La Colombe Draft Latte is the diplomatic solution—comparable to a portable skilled barista but with far less lawsuit potential. It’s a blazingly successful new development from the company with over 10,000 cans sold on launch day, using an innovative pressurized can to froth the can’s contents of cold-pressed espresso and hormone-free milk upon opening. Containing 120mg of natural caffeine (equivalent to 1.5 cups coffee) and sweetened with just a pinch of raw cane sugar to keep the calorie count at a slim 120, this iced latte may become your staple to-go caffeinated libation. Whilst we certainly don’t recommend abandoning Gabe altogether, perhaps you could ask for his phone number instead of trying to stuff him into your handbag.

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