Jefferson‘s owner and Master Distiller Trey Zoeller’s great, great (and so on 7 or 8 times) grandmother was arrested in 1799 for the illegal production and distribution of spirits, so experimental and rebellious juices are surely flowing in his veins.

A few years back Trey was on the deck of his friend Chris Fischer’s boat watching a bottle of bourbon rock gently fore and aft on the waves when he was struck with inspiration. He decided to try speeding up the bourbon aging process by housing the barrels on a container ship and allowing the temperature fluctuations, salt air, and the rise and fall of the ocean waves to work their magic on the spirits contained in the barrels.

The path the boat took over five continents allowed the sugars in the bourbon to achieve prime caramelization, resulting in a dark, smooth, richly caramel-flavored bourbon, reminiscent of a high quality dark rum but with a briny complexity that keeps the tastebuds entertained. Consume on a boat for the most authentic experience.

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