“Yo-ho-ho and a couple Mounds bars” just doesn’t have a good ring to it. But there must be a way to cram some coconut into that lyrical bottle of rum—yes! Crack open a bottle of Koko Kanu. Preferred by fourteen out of fifteen guys on a dead man’s chest, Koko Kanu is also the UK’s leading premium flavored white rum. The crystal-clear drink takes effort and finesse to create: First a subtle medley of Jamaica’s best white rums are blended and aged for a year, then charcoal filtered and mixed with coconut for a delicious island taste. The full-bodied finished product weighs in at 75 proof, but its light, refreshing sweetness buoys it up like an unsinkable ship. Made at the Wray & Nephew Distillery, Kingston-based rum producer for 150 years, Koko Kanu is the perfect addition to both classic and contemporary cocktails. Try a Koko Kolada or Koko Mojito (recipes graciously provided on the maker’s website) to be transported on a voyage of fun, sun, and hopefully no scurvy…maybe add a lime?

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