Art does not have to be laid out on a campus or captured as a still image. The things we create and enjoy in the world are art. Van Gogh Vodka has been working hard since 2000 to perfect The Art of Vodka. Their name motivates them to keep striving to create a masterpiece worthy of the name and use a distiller who shares the passion and commitment that is necessary to create high quality vodka. Tim Vos elevates the spirit and makes it a global brand through its smooth and authentic taste. Using the finest ingredients and a unique multi-step distillation process, it is crafted from a blend of wheat from Holland, Germany and France and each drop undergoes an all-natural double infusion process resulting in a spirit that’s so soft, well-balanced with a vibrant and unique flavor.

One of the expressions is Van Gogh Mango Vodka that is smooth with subtle hints of orange and cucumber. It is produced from fresh Indonesian mangos and will bring exotic tastes and feelings to any summer (or really any time of the year because we could all use some sun) cocktails. Skip dessert and go straight for this on the rocks, less calories, more taste.

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