Shoreditch; an uprising of innovation and whimsical quirks. There’s a lot going on in this increasingly popular borough of London, and as many doors continue to open, there’s one in particular that caught our eye.

Here enters Jones Family Steakhouse; it’s a name you should write down, because chances are it’s a name you’ll come to recognize across nearly every “MUST VISIT” list in London throughout 2015. The upstairs is an immaculately designed cocktail bar, a fun upbeat vibe with a hip modern feel. Your eyes will wander as you get lost in the strategically placed jokes and artsy phrases across each wall, door and corner in site. There’s no tacky jokes here – walking through you’ll find it hard not to laugh and even harder not to take a picture. Bonus points if you check out the elevator door and selfie mirror in the girls’ bathroom. Sorry guys, the second one you’ll have to see in pictures. Hilarity is truly encapsulated in all forms; as if a stand up comedian is echoed in art form throughout the whole joint. The atmosphere is vibrant, fun and edgy yet a calmness also seems to take hold – and for the next hour or so this whimsical fun-house graces you with a homely comfort that makes you never want to leave.

3Enter the cocktail menu. An imbible delight that causes instant mouthwatering. If gin is your tipple this is your place – a vast assortment of incredibly well thought cocktails with emphasis on both the modern classics but also combinations that challenge you to push the boundaries and explore taste sensations unique to this establishment. With an extensive menu there’s something for everyone to try, and even better something new to discover (which is what Drink Me is all about). Casting your eyes around it doesn’t take long to notice the individually placed pop-up seating areas, another example of how unique this whimsical wonder really is. With their own lager on tap, as well as all beers changing every 2-3 weeks, even the beer connoisseur will be delighted.

As if things couldn’t get any cooler, you come to realize this incredible bar is just one part of the equation; as just down the stairs sits what could be claimed as one of London’s hottest new steak joints.

Enter the Steakhouse (with its own secret back entrance for those who want to feel a little more classy). Sourcing their divine meats from the world renowned ‘Ginger Pig’ in Yorkshire and utilizing the culinary genius of a Josper grill was an insanely good idea. If melt in your mouth steak is what you’re all about – you’ve found a new favorite place to visit. The word ‘steakhouse’ usually rings alarm bells too when it comes to price, but not here – you’ll find the entire menu to be so reasonable that you feel like you’ve just burgled the place. Consider yourself a bit of a wino? With over 28 wines by the glass and an and extensive selection of new and old world wonders, you’ll be a happy bunny. The unique ‘Wine Club’ also allows members to keep up to a case of wine on site, with corkage starting at just £5, so if you’ve been waiting to open that 1980 Cab for a while with a magnificent steak, the door just opened itself. Winemaker dinners have also been known to take place, as you dine and discuss with the very person who created the tipple you’re sipping on.

Whether leisurely lunchtimes (get the picnic experience), dinner time temptations (josper grilled meats for sure), or even to get some work done upstairs throughout the day (plug in, sip coffee and unwind) – your needs are met.

Come an explore this new culinary and cocktail sensation in the heart of Shoreditch, it’s got our vote.

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