If you or someone you know is both a chocolate and gin lover, I have the perfect kit for you. Hotel Chocolat is your ultimate chocolate gift destination with treats for everyone. Pick your chocolate by type or flavor. Say you quite enjoy gin, the Chocolate & Gin Collection is the perfect choice. This decadent kit, designed by expert artisanal English distillers, combines the finest gin with Hotel Chocolat’s best-loved gin-inspired recipes. So, what goodies await underneath the lid? There’s 70% dark chocolate Gin Puddles with the classic juniper gin flavor alongside sex Dark Gin Truffles crafted using premium London dry gin with a fresh, citrus zing, Two 50mL bottles of Hotel Chocolat’s classically cool and crisp English dry gin infused with lemon zests, juniper, coriander, Mineola, and angelica complimented with peppery notes of roasted cocoa shells and rich, creamy crushed macadamia nuts to wash down the chocolate. Don’t worry if you have a nut allergy, Hotel Chocolat believes the gin is perfectly suitable. Indulge in the wonderfully mingled accents of gin and chocolate.

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