A powerful head-on collision of sports radio and television, Colin Cowherd, and Rouge beer is ready to make its on air debut. Now Colin Cowherd has his own official beverage: Rogue Blunt N’ Bitter. The Rogue and Cowherd duo both wanted to create a beverage dedicated to anyone who dares to speak his or her mind, risk, dream, and fight the status quo. Recently introduced to Portland, Oregon as part of Cowherd’s appearance on the Isaac and Big Suke radio show, Blunt N’ Bitter aims to exemplify and honor what Portland originally offered Cowherd—an early start working in TV and radio. Comprised of 9 ingredients including Willamette, Amarillo, and Kent Golding Hops, Blunt N’ Bitter is a classic English Special Bitter with rich and complex flavors ending with a special Kent Golding finish. Grab a Blunt N’ Bitter and never stop vocalizing your opinions unless they’re in exceptionally poor taste then it may be best to stay quiet


Available at Rogue Meeting Halls and other select locations