After many years working as a Ship Joiner and grocery clerk where he was born and raised, Raymond Smith made the move from Oakland CA to Paso Robles CA in the late 1980s. With the new move came a pursuit of a new career. Smith quickly acclimated himself to his new environment and began his journey in the wine world. After quickly tackling the initial education processes about all aspects of the wine business, Smith helped build and eventually owned and operated a small fleet of mobile wine bottling lines. Smith furthered his expanding legacy by creating strong relationships with growers and producers to challenge himself to work to create ideal growing conditions and cellaring practices. His specialties fall under the following categories: distinguishing aromas, transcending earth-tone textures, balanced fruit-driven palate, and well-structured tannins. Smith’s increasing standards have produced award-winning wines that please and excite his customers.

Indigene Cellars wraps together Smith’s years worth of experience and hard work into its bottles. Two such choices are Indigene’s Pinot Noir and Parenthesis Syrah. The deep ruby hue of the Pinot Noir visually represents the aromatics of young cherry and raspberries along with black cherry, plum, white pepper, and earthy mushroom notes on the palate. This wine will gain further grace and maturity after 8-10 years of proper cellaring. The Parenthesis Syrah takes on multiple levels of smoked meat and deep mineral scents with strong blackberry and dark chocolate notes preceding the long, structured finish. Want more of Smith’s wines? Consider signing up for his Quorum club to receive six bottles three times per year. Gain access to in depth descriptions, discounts, and complimentary events.