Frapin Cognac has been in the family business of distilling great wine since 1270, a business that has remarkably stayed in the same family for 20 generations. The owner today is a direct descendant of the original founder, which guarantees the same kind of wonderful tradition that immortalized 16th century author Francois Rabelais on the Cuvee Rabelais.

Concentrated at the heart of Cognac’s most exclusive region, “Grande Champagne,” the Frapin 1270 makes no compromises on quality. Aged up to 6 months in relatively new oak barrels, the young cognac is then moved to older casks for extended aging, which results in a wonderfully round and fruity drink perfectly suited for the spring and summer months. Frapin 1270 is a beautiful golden hue, which is complimented by a nose of vine and lime blossom with a hint of vanilla. Fresh and original, but still firmly rooted in tradition, Frapin 1270 pulls together the original founder’s vision for the distillery as well as the 21st century’s expectations for the renowned Frapin Cognac.v