The lively izakaya and sushi bar concept PABU Boston practices “Omotenashi”, the selfless and generous approach to the reception of guests.

Led day-to-day by Executive Chef Ben Steigers, PABU presents a contemporary take on Japanese-style dining traditions, using modern technique and presentation to amplify time-honored recipes and market-fresh ingredients. And the restaurant boasts some of the freshest and finest high-quality seafood in the US, sourced directly from Japan’s world-renowned Toyosu fish market in Tokyo.

Behind the restaurant’s one-of-a-kind fish program is the emphatic recognition that fish sourced from one region may not taste like the same fish from another region. Each night, the restaurant prints fish maps that reflect the seasonal and distinctive fish that are featured on the day’s menu. PABU’s creative sushi rolls, like the restaurant’s famous Michael’s Negitoro Roll (pictured above, with bluefin fatty tuna, uni, ikura and scallion), are artfully arranged.

The roll’s combination of ingredients strikes the taste buds immediately as reminiscent of ocean, with the uni and ikura adding layers of complexity. The ice-cold beer lends refreshing neutrality to the eat experience.

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