When you hear the word “Lambic” what’s the first thing you think of? Many beer lovers would say that Belgium is the first thing that comes to mind. Not many Lambic style beers in the U.S. can go up against the ones over in Belgium, but there is a small brewery, Funk Factory Geuzeria, located in Wisconsin that is churning out sours that are increasing in popularity. Blender Levi Funk is trying to change the mindset that you can only get quality Lambic in Belgium, but also in America.

Aged in French oak wine barrels for 18-24 months and then re-fermented with two pounds per gallon of blueberries for 6 weeks, Funk Factory Bosbes Beer is a Lambic style beer that you wont want to miss out on. This sour, funky beer is filled with intense aromas of blueberries, oak, wine, and tart fruits. Feeling Funky? Grab a Bosbes today!

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