If you’ve fallen victim to the ghosting of lover’s past, Espolòn presents to you, The Ghost Line 1-833-ESP-OLÒN (1-833-377-6566) a place to vent your revenge or reflection. To help those left alone on this ‘day of love.’

Callers will be offered:

  • Advice on how to overcome the great “Digital Departure”
  • An option to vent and share their own ghosting experience
  • A story about the loneliest whale in the world
  • A foolproof method to get their ghoster to finally respond to them

So, while some will be inundated with love this year – buying flowers, chocolates, plotting how best to Instagram their love, making it FB official and beyond, let’s not forget the rest of us.  Those of us refreshing Bumble and repetitiously checking for that next text. Those who have been left on read and ignored. For them Espolòn drops a line with The Ghost Line.

As of now, the Ghost Line has kicked off with a social and guerilla ad campaign throughout NYC where black roses will be seen popping up around town, tagged with the hotline number daring vengeful lovers to make the call. So open a bottle of Espolòn this Valentine’s Day and spill your soul at the sound of the beep.