Jose Cuervo is celebrating Dia De Muertos with a limited-edition bottle of Cuervo Tradicional Silver and Reposado, the perfect addition to all ofrendas and alters! 

As the Father of Tequila and the original 100% blue agave tequila, Cuervo Tradicional is deeply rooted in Mexican heritage and Dia De Muertos is no exception. For the holiday, Cuervo Traditional is releasing two limited edition bottles that pay homage to the brand’s history with Dia De Muertos, featuring a classic skull motif backed with orange marigold flowers emerging from an agave plant.

Arriving just in time for the Day of the Dead, the new bottles will attract those celebrating the holiday and are the perfect addition to any ofrenda. The bottles are offered in 750 ml containers retailing for $23.00, and will be available nationwide at select grocery and liquor stores while supplies last.