Over 100 years ago, London’s East side was a bustling hub of distilleries. However, since then there haven’t been new spirits coming from the historic district that is until recently when East London Liquor Company opened its doors in July of 2014. East London Liquor Company prides itself on not only reviving the spirits industry on the east end but also refreshing and updating some spirits. They’re taking the classic formulas of the historic district and updating them for a modern palate. East London Liquor Company wants to be transparent about their production while showcasing the United Kingdom’s rich gin history. No spirit shows this off better than their original London Dry Gin. Their signature London Dry is distilled with the finest, freshest ingredients and botanicals. Lemon, grapefruit, coriander, angelica root, juniper and cubeb berries, and cardamom. These flavors blend together to create a bright and balanced gin that is perfect for a classic gin and tonic or even sipping straight.