The Spirit of Harrogate Store in Harrogate Yorkshire England has been marching to the beat of their own drum for a little over a year now. Since its inception in 2016, Marcus Black and Mike Carthy have worked tirelessly to capture the true essence of the city of Harrogate in their store. After only a short while in business, the Spirit of Harrogate Store has become a must see for those visiting the beautiful spa town. The store offers an extensive experience that is any gin lover’s dream. With a mellow atmosphere and an extensive selection of over thirty different tonics to match their gin the Spirit of Harrogate has successfully embodied what the town represents to its locals. The life blood of this venture is Slingsby Gin.

In 1571 William Slingsby discovered that the water from the Tewit well in Harrogate had healing properties as a result of its mineral composition. His unique way of thinking lead to the town of Harrogate becoming a home base for those seeking restoration of soul, body, and mind. This unique and groundbreaking way of thinking is what inspires distillers to make their Slingsby Gin.  The meticulous design of the gin pays homage to the type of attention to detail that William Slingsby exemplified throughout his life. The gin features hand selected spices and ingredients picked right from the gardens of Harrogate. These ingredients are then paired with the same Yorkshire water that Slingsby discovered had healing properties. The ingredients and water then distill in 100-year-old copper stills. This process leads to a gin with an initial punching flavor. Notes of refreshing rhubarb and grapefruit citrus wake the taste buds. The initial popping flavors then subside and lower like a wave into a smooth herbaceous sweetness. The sweet flavors continue as the gin finishes with notes of green tea and jasmine blossom letting the drinker feel the weight of their day slide off of their shoulders and on to the floor.

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