Photo Credit: Gabi Porter

Knappogue Castle has been in the business of making high quality small batch whiskey for over 50 years. If that peaks your interest, then read on, because there’s more to this whiskey than exceptional taste. When they decided to roll out a whiskey aged for 14 years, they knew that they had to live up to regal expectations – and expectations they met, with this whiskey winning Irish whiskey of the year at the Irish Whiskey Awards in 2016.

The recipe for success was already set with their 12 Year Whiskey, so when it came to making the 14 Year, Castle Brands knew where to begin. But they didn’t just wait two more years. They wanted their 14 Year to be uniquely flavorful in its own right. They decided to marry a special blend of 14 year single malts together, each one aged in a different type of wood. Most of the single malt blend was waiting patiently for 14 years, soaking inside bourbon barrels, while the rest of the malt was resting snugly inside Oloroso sherry casks. The final result is a taste that is naturally rich with fruity and nutty flavors and a finish that rests medium-long on the tongue with the barley making a final return to entice the consumer to take another sip.

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