Like so many delicious recipes, C3 Carciofo has Italian origins. In 1883, Francesco Amodeo’s great-grandfather built a legacy crafting liqueurs along the Amalfi Coast. Four generations later, Washington, D.C.-based distillery Don Ciccio & Figli is going full steamer ahead with an updated version of the family’s traditional artichoke liqueur. Barrel-aged for a year, C3 becomes available just as Italy ushers in spring with spiky green carciofo-themed festivals in celebration of seasonal bounty and renewal. Amodeo’s take on the spirit is an infusion of 3 (get it?) types of California-grown artichokes as well as a host of botanical herbs and roots, culminating in a classic bitter aperitivo—right at home in a Negroni or even trendy rye-based cocktail creations.

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