Fairer weather is just around the corner and with it comes al fresco festivities and the imminent danger of warm beer. Tell me the secret to balancing the rate of enjoying a beer to the pace that it warms in your hand. As the cool condensation gathers and begins to drip between your fingers, a nervous sweat breaks out across your brow – these rivulets tell you that your beer is moving toward tepid. Do you race to the bottom of the bottle before temperature’s equilibrium conquers all? Do you pinch the bottle’s neck between two dainty, yet menacingly warm, fingers? Do you place your open bottle back in the cooler exposed to sloshing ice water and thirsty friends? Forget basking in that summer sun or kicking back with your buddies. All joy and frivolity disappears as you crunch formulas to optimize the consumption of your rapidly warming beverage.

Chillsner (Corkcicle’s beer-ier offshoot) is here to help you, and your beer, really chill. You freeze it for 45 minutes, take a sacrificial sip from your bottle of beer (to make room for the Chillsner), then press the Chillsner into the neck of your bottle. Finally, you drink straight through the device and enjoy your super cool beer for hours.