We’ve all seen a whiskey decanter. It’s cut glass or crystal, full of class, and a cobwebby blast from the past. It’s short and stubby and has a stopper to rival the queen’s jewels. But does that really have to be so?

This decanter is exactly none of the above. Except the classy part. We’ll keep the classy part. It’s designed by artist Geoff McFetridge and hand-blown at Esque Studios.  Blown glass is a new medium for the Los Angeles artist who is most versed in design for magazines, posters, t-shirts, textiles, motion graphics, advertising, and film production. Geoff created exactly 75 of these decanters for Bushmills Irish Whiskey. His influence comes from the shape of the original Bushmills bottle – tall and lean with a strong neck.

Geoff explains the piece, “the hands motif reflects the idea of sharing a drink with friends; the hands seem to be passing the bottle… I use the image of hands a lot in my work; I think of it like a reflection of the viewer, a reflection that looks like everyone.” What else speaks whiskey so well?

Get one before they’re all snatched up!