Truly California, these folks take all the planning and logistics out of your most glam glamping experience. They call their tents “European” which apparently means classy because they’re canvas and old school and big.

The company, founded by an event planner and furniture-making power couple, calls itself a “luxury pop-up lodging service catering to groups looking for an overnight outdoor experience.” And quite an experience indeed: you can customize your Midsummer Night’s Dream with catering, a lounge tent with a stocked library or a fully stocked bar, and the sleeping chambers come equipped with a down comforter, pillows, a Pendelton blanket, and of course a real bed.  Ideal for weddings, corporate retreats, and friend or family reunions, you may never huff and puff into a flimsy sleeping pad again. Also, they just opened a line of their custom cavernous tents. In case you like them so much you want to move in.