The Internet of Things has made it to your wine.

Or the cellar, at least. Take note tech-loving oenophiles: you can now store your prize vintages in a modern way with this Digital Wine Cellar Management System.

This package comes with the tools you need to effortlessly manage your wine collection and keep track of when each bottle matures, as well as its location in the cellar—for when that long-awaited time comes…

The management system includes barcode labels for your wine, a wireless scanner, and a 17-inch touchscreen computer. With this system, simply scanning your wine taps you into a 350,000-bottle database filled with ratings, tasting notes and up-to-date information on the market value for your vintage. Everything in this system also comes in a solid-oak stand, handmade to look beautiful in your cellar.

The only way the system could be better would be if it could manage the overzealous drinker too.