Philadelphia Distilling was established in 2005. It is the first craft distillery in Pennsylvania since prohibition. Founders Andrew Auwerda and Timothy Yarnell see the demand and appreciation for high-quality American spirits. Together they aim to educate through historically based brands while producing some of the finest hand crafted spirits that dare drinkers to be revolutionary. Philadelphia Distilling are producing spirits that are wildly acclaimed and heavily awarded. One of those spirits is Bluecoat American Dry Gin.

Bluecoat is revolutionary and in a class all its own, being that it is the only American dry gin. Bluecoat is distilled in hand-hammered copper still in small-batch-style to ensure that only the most flavorful and smoothest cuts make it to the bottle. Breath in the sweet, spicy, and earthy aromas of organic juniper berries. The palate offers a complex depth of flavors including citrus peels and spices that complement the juniper notes and leaves a long and lingering citrus finish. Take in the gentle, smooth, light, and refreshing taste Bluecoat with each bottle capturing the revolutionary spirit of Philadelphia.

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