There has been a lot of excitable whispers amongst whiskey buffs and explorers alike as March 2017 rolled around. Why you ask? The leading producer of Irish whiskeys, Irish Distillers, has just reopened the home of Jameson in Smithfield, Dublin – now known as Jameson Distillery Bow Street

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After an €11 million investment, Jameson Distillery Bow St. swung its doors wide open earlier this month, welcoming eager customers and tourists to its new visitor experience that shares the iconic Jameson story in a modern and authentic way. Jameson has become the driving force behind the global renaissance of Irish whiskey. Of course, the Jameson name is also known worldwide for its consistent production of quality Irish whiskeys.

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The moment John Jameson arrived in Dublin, he began his journey in building a successful distillery and brand that has long since surpassed him. His family motto, “Sine Metu” (or “without fear”), still rings true and sits proudly on the Jameson crest, visible for all to see. From the grain to the glass, he was involved in each step of the process – exemplifying his passion for Irish whiskey. This courage to act upon your passions extends to the past, present, and future innovators and employees of Jameson, in addition to their devoted customers who embark on their whiskey journeys each time they take a sip.
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That signature texture has been attributed to their 27, and counting, years of consecutive growth and with 5.7 million cases sold in 2016, Irish Distillers decided it was time for a redevelopment of Jameson’s home in Dublin, on the site of the original distillery on Bow Street. Complete with cutting-edge technology to complement the historic surroundings, the distillery now has the ability to share both Irish whiskey and the unforgettable Jameson story in a modern and engaging way.

To accompany the storytelling, guests can choose between three themed and fully guided tours, each offering their own experiences. The technological components and interactive displays ensure your attention is grabbed throughout the entire journey, creating what could very well be the most engaging distillery tour I have been on.
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The Bow St. Experience comprises three rooms, allowing visitors to learn about Jameson’s history and production, as well as try the iconic whiskey. The Whiskey Makers and The Whiskey Shakers provide a more in-depth experience with whiskey and cocktail masterclasses, allowing guests to sample from the cask and the newly added live maturation house – a rare gem in the centre of Dublin.
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All in all, whether you’re making your way on down to Jameson Distillery Bow St. or you’re grabbing your Jameson off the shelf, sip, celebrate, and cheers to a brand that is never going out of style.