With an overflowing bouquet of fresh-squeezed flavors of apricots, peaches, and lemons tempered with a pleasantly pucker-inducing sour character, Dry Dock Brewery’s Apricot Sour is edging closer and closer to becoming our go-to summer afternoon American Style Sour Ale. Sours have been a hit in recent years with brew aficionados for a reason, with a winning combination (especially in warm weather) of fruit-forward juiciness and earth-summoning funkiness that manages to quench and tantalize simultaneously.

Dry Dock opened in 2005 as the first brewery in Aurora, Colorado, and owners Michelle Reding and Kevin DeLange have always been adept at keeping a finger on the pulse of the dedicated but fickle craft beer crowd. Dry Dock has never been a brewery to shy from bold flavor profiles, and we’ve been admirers of their vibrantly hoptastic Hop Abomination IPA and their decadently creamy Chocolate Raspberry Porter for several years.

Apricot Sour pours a deep peachy golden color with a frothy eggshell head and medium carbonation. Its palate calls to mind a giant basket piled high with juicy apricots and fresh-baked whole grain bread—go ahead and dig in. This is a beer you’ll want to take a big, juicy, enticingly sour, yeasty bite of. Embrace the pucker.

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