Don’t confuse the “no bull” image of Bare Bone Vodka, with a lack of complexity. This brand is all about directness, and it’s perhaps because of that unswerving approach, that we’re allowed to experience the subtle nuances of this mixed grain vodka. An unapologetic southern corn spice on the nose and a fragrant, floral introduction to the palate are closely followed by layered, herbaceous notes. That evolved corn spice makes a repeat appearance at the aftertaste —  we love a vodka that keeps talking even after it goes down.

Bare Bone has a lot to offer, and makes for a perfect sipping vodka but can clearly stand up well in any cocktail. If you’re looking for something carefully curated, we’ve found it for you. The Longhorn packaging is pretty badass too and will add a tone of authenticity to anyone’s shelf. Whether you’re a bartender or a consumer who just wants something really evolved, that happens to look awesome, for your home bar, we recommend Bare Bone Vodka without reservation. We had to give this one a 98.

— Editor-in-Chief, Natasha Swords.