Corpse Reviver II
Corpse Reviver II drink me 5 Classic Halloween Cocktails

Sure to bring you back from the dead, the Corpse Reviver II is a citrus-forward cocktail with bold aromatics wafting on the nose. Served in a chilled, absinthe-rinsed glass, this cocktail entails equal parts gin, lemon juice, Cointreau, and Kina Lillet. Maintaining the light-green hue of a witch’s potion, be careful that the kick of this cocktail doesn’t send you back to the grave.

Bloody Mary
bloody mary drink me 5 Classic Halloween Cocktails

Don’t say her name three times on your next visit to the bathroom unless you want a ghostly surprise from Bloody Mary herself. Instead, enjoy a Bloody Mary cocktail in the early afternoon to cure what ails you. Though the core composition of the drink is vodka and tomato juice, any lover of this cocktail would say it isn’t complete without dashes of Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, brine, and the celery stalk garnish. Give the candy a rest and let the streets run red with tomato juice this Halloween.

Dark ‘n’ Stormy
Dark and Stormy drink me 5 Classic Halloween Cocktails

Tumultuous as the high seas, this drink combines dark rum and ginger beer to boast sweet, herbal flavors topped off with the traditional lime wedge garnish. Sharp and crisp from the ginger beer and served on the rocks, this drink stirs the storm within during the season of nightmares, conjuring images and perceptions as dark as its name.

Zombie drink me 5 Classic Halloween Cocktails

Brains lose all of their tasty appeal when pitted against this delicious staple of the classic cocktail list. A sweet blend of fruit juices and grenadine mask the knockout power of its standard mix of three rums and dashes of absinthe, ensuring that this drink will make a zombie of anyone who isn’t careful. Order this cocktail lit at your favorite bar and don’t be spooked by the flames that await you.

Death in the AfternoonDeath in the Afternoon drink me 5 Classic Halloween Cocktails

Often referred to as The Hemingway, this classic cocktail is comprised of absinthe and champagne and was invented by, you guessed it, Ernest Hemingway. Known for its strength and decadence, this cocktail can be made with Absente or Pernod for those of us in the U.S. where proper absinthe is unobtainable. Sip on a few of these in the evening with a novel in hand and let the chilled October breeze whisper to you of familiar spirits and the ghosts of the past.